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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy Things!

I feel like spring is finally here!  Three days in a row with 50+ temps!

The only fun thing about the rainy weather this past weekend was watching Clyde sashay through the house.  He wears the towels we dry him with as if they're a fancy cloak.

Sometimes he carries the end of the towel in his mouth like it's the royal train.  And he looks at me as if he's saying, "Cue The King's March.  I have arrived."

Plopping himself down to take a nap.  I think he keeps the towel wrapped around him so that he will have royal dreams...dreams where he waves a perfect royal wave to his subjects.

Or maybe he just wears the towel because it's comforting on a rainy day.

Thank you to all who commented about their favorite comfort food to enter the giveaway for the Whole Foods gift card last week.  The winner was Carly G., whose favorite comfort food is "a toss up between baked mac and cheese and biscuits with gravy!"

"Biscuits?  Did somebody say BISCUITS?!

Hope you are all enjoying some glorious spring weather wherever you happen to be!


  1. Oh that Clyde, what a cutie! How funny that he loves wearing the towel. Doyle wants to bite and fight with his towel after we dry him. Gus just looks like, whatever and where is that biscuit, lol. Two sweeties! After days of rain, the sun was looking real good today!

    Congrats to Carly!

  2. Too cute they both are! Enjoy a beautiful weekend Fran! xo Heather


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