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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mini Frittatas

Whether you are looking to use up the half-empty packages cluttering your fridge or simply looking for a recipe for leftovers, I can't think of a better recipe than these mini frittatas.

The only ingredients that are absolutely required are eggs, cream and salt.  The rest is up to you!

It took less than 10 minutes from the moment I started pulling ingredients out of the fridge until the moment I popped the frittatas into the oven.

I baked them in a regular cupcake tin this time, but you can also use a mini-muffin tin for bite-sized frittatas.

While the frittatas were baking I spent time with my latest obsession--watching the cardinals in my backyard.

They've always had a major presence at my bird feeder, but since we've had snow those flashes of red are really popping!  I'm totally obsessed.

I've tried counting them, just to see how many there are hanging out.  They move around so much, I lose count!

On this particular day, I counted 10 males (all red) and 4 females (brown with red at the tips of their wings, tail & head).  

Clyde was so perturbed by my focus on the cardinals that he started acting up (chewing on sticks is a no-no...tearing them off of the shrubs is a double no-no!), trying to get my attention.

Today's Playlist
  • "Lump"...The Presidents of the United States of America
  • "Around My Head"...Cage the Elephant
  • "Is It Any Wonder?"...Keane
  • "Fell In Love With A Girl"...The White Stripes
  • "It Ends Tonight"...All-American Rejects
  • "Let Her Go"...Passenger
  • "Jar Of Hearts"...Christina Perri
  • "Some Kind Of Monster"...Neon Trees

Mini Frittatas -makes 10 to 11 regular muffin tin size, or about 30 mini-muffin size
Printable Recipe
  • 8 large eggs
  • 1/2 cup light cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt  
Additional mix-ins: 
shredded cheese, veggies, ham, bacon (cooked)--take this opportunity 
to clean out your fridge and use leftovers!

Gather your ingredients.  

On the left, we have the necessary ingredients: eggs, light cream and salt.

On the right, the mix-ins (a.k.a. stuff I had in my fridge that I need to find a use for): half a wedge of muenster cheese, a leftover bowl of sautéed mushrooms, half a tomato, a handful of spinach, two slices of prosciutto.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and spray your muffin tin(s) with nonstick cooking spray.

Whisk together the eggs, cream and salt.  Chop the mix-ins, shred the cheese.

Evenly portion the egg mixture into the muffin cups.  (I use a 1/4-cup measuring cup for a regular-size muffin tin.)

Add your favorite mix-ins!  I added about 3 tablespoons of extra stuff into each.

The combos are endless!  I made: ham and cheese
                                                       mushroom, spinach. tomato & cheese
                                                       tomato, spinach & cheese
                                                       tomato, spinach, ham & cheese.

After you've added your mix-ins, bake for 23 to 25 minutes in your preheated 350-degree oven, until they are puffy. slightly brown around the edges and set in the middle.  (If you're using a mini-muffin size tin, bake for 10 to 12 minutes.)

Like this!  Give them a few minutes to cool down and they will de-puff a bit.  Serve immediately.

If you are not going to serve the mini frittatas immediately, remove them from the baking pan and put them onto a wire rack to cool.

After they've cooled, place them in your refrigerator and reheat them in your microwave as needed. (About 45 seconds on MEDIUM power should do it.)

You could also place them into a zip-lock freezer bag and freeze them.  Defrost them in your fridge overnight.  They're a great option for those mornings when you're in a hurry and need protein for breakfast!  Just reheat and eat.


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