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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Giveaway Winners!!

After assigning numbers to the entrants for the cutting board giveaway, I went onto and used their random number generator to pick the winners.  Congratulations to Maureen and Anne!  Your cutting boards will be delivered today.

Unfortunately, I do not have a cooking post at this time--between taking care of my recuperating family member, gardening (will it ever get done?), and buying a new car--I've been sticking to tried and true recipes for the last few days.  Like the barbecued sirloin tips and pasta salad that I blogged about previously and the chicken, broccoli and pasta that started this whole blog. 

I'll be experimenting in the kitchen today, and if I'm happy with the outcome, I'll post the recipe tomorrow!

 I do feel the need, however, to post something more substantial than a short announcement of giveaway winners and my feeble excuse for not spending much time exploring new recipes.

So I decided to post about one of my other favorite things in life.  First and foremost, that would be my family, but they would never go for me talking about them.  Dang.  It would be so much fun for me to post my son's prom pictures from last week.  But he has forbidden me to publicly display them.

So I'm going to post about Gus.  He doesn't care if I post his picture! 

In the above photo, you can just see the corner of his dog frisbee.  It's his favorite new toy.

I've been the lucky owner of two gorgeous golden retrievers.....
Rosie was the first.......
..........and then Gracie.

Rosie never left our sides, never wanted to be alone, ever.
She can be found lurking,

more or less,

in pretty much.......

every picture we took....

from 1990 'til 2002.

And then there was Gracie.......

who never found a hat she couldn't rock.

What Rosie and Gracie had in common was their fetching ability.  Or more precisely, lack thereof.

They were great at retrieving.  They would bring anything to time. 

If they found a ball they'd bring it to me.  Okay, you wanna play?  I'd throw the ball..........and they'd look at me;  if they could have talked, I'm sure they would have said something like this, "Why did you fling that over there?  I just brought it to you!"  Sometimes, they would go get the ball a second time, but they wouldn't bring it to me, they would bring it to a spot where they would lie down next to it as if to say, "I need to keep it far from you so you don't pick it up and heave it again."

And I would very rarely throw a ball at them, expecting them to catch it.  The chance that the ball would hit them in the head was far more likely than the chance that it would be caught.

And then there's Gus.

He's the best throw-it-again-so-I-can-fetch-it, toss-it-high-so-I-can-catch-it dog I've ever owned.
He's so uber-focused on the ball--he never takes his eyes off it, he leaps to catch it, he trembles if I make him wait before I throw it.

Because of his leaping ability, I thought it would be fun to teach him to catch a frisbee.

I was sorta wrong.

I bought the frisbee last month.  The first time I showed it to him, he backed out of the room.  I'd leave it on the floor and he would avoid it.   Anytime the kids and I needed a break from him, we picked up the frisbee and Gus would promptly disappear.

Until this weekend.

On Saturday, my daughter brought the frisbee outside and put it on the ground.  Gus eventually picked it up and started running around with it in his mouth.  Eventually, it got to the point where we could throw it and he would bring it back to us.

Then we finally figured out how to throw it so that it would hover properly to give him time to jump up and catch it.

And this is what happened!

And this!

And you can also see that my video-taking skills are just as bad as my photography skills.  I can't tell you how many catches he made off-camera because I missed the shot.

Hopefully, with a little more practice, Gus and I will both improve.

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