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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Raspberry-Vanilla Champagne Cocktails.....or Raspberry Vanilla Ice Cream Soda with Champagne?

Caitie suggested making champagne cocktails with raspberries and vanilla ice cream.  She said the champagne brings out the sweetness in the raspberries.

And then I remembered that scene in the movie Pretty Woman, the scene where Richard Gere tells Julia Roberts that eating a strawberry will bring out the flavor of champagne.  

I really don't know whether strawberries really do bring out the flavor of champagne, or if champagne really does bring out the sweetness of the raspberries or if it was just our imagination.

I do know that this drink was so good that I decided to turn it into a sort of ice cream soda (with champagne in place of the soda) instead!

Today's Playlist
"Tiny Little Robots"...........Cage The Elephant
"What I Got".......Sublime
"Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night".......The Fratellis
"Paint It Black"....The Rolling Stones
"Lyin' In The Name Of Love".......Joe Louis Walker
"Jerk It Out"....Caesars

Bubbly Raspberry Cocktails

Gather your ingredients.  Vanilla ice cream, raspberries, sparkling wine of your choice.

No measuring required.  Just use amounts based upon your preferences.

Put a couple of tablespoons of ice cream in the bottom of a champagne flute.

Add a couple of raspberries.

 Repeat.  Another two tablespoons of ice cream, topped by a few more raspberries.

Fill with champagne.


Two sips and this was what I was left with.  So I grabbed a spoon and that is when the fun really started!

As I was eating the champagne/ice cream that remained I was thinking it would make a really good sort of ice cream sundae.

So I decided to create the cocktails on a larger scale.

Here we go.  1/4 cup of ice cream, a few raspberries, then repeat with another 1/4 cup of ice cream and more raspberries.

Add some champagne and dig in!  Forget the cute little champagne flutes, from now on I'm going right to the real deal.

And next time, I'm going to add some whipped cream and put a cherry on top!


  1. Fran, You're funny! :) Think I'll be grabbing the large glasses when I try your recipe!

    Are you in mourning for the Patriots? :(

    1. Yes, Pam I am in mourning. Poor Patriots. :( We actually made these cocktails right before the game started, I had my big glass during the second quarter.........and then everything just went down hill from there. My husband was at the game!

      And yes, you should make this with the large glass, it's definitely the way to go! :)


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