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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Now and then I enjoy looking at the stats for my blog.  

I have always loved numbers, always loved math.  My favorite subject, by far.  Numbers are quantifiable, concrete methods of measuring, evaluating, determining.  (And the math geek in me is screaming to clarify that I am talking about real numbers and not imaginary ones.)  Nothing ambiguous about them.  Nothing left open to interpretation.  Two plus two will always be four.  The cubed root of 125 will always be 5.    

Corresponding parts of congruent triangles will always be congruent.  Just had to throw my favorite theorem at you, even though it's not a number.

Looking at my stats, I can see which posts get the most traffic.  I can see how many hits I get by country, by search keywords, by referring sites.  I'm fascinated.

I started this blog as a vehicle of organizing my recipes for my friends.  I was spending way too much time emailing recipes.  Sheila was the one who finally said, "Have you ever thought of putting this on a blog?"  Who knew that such a simple question would open up this wonderful can of worms?  I'm grateful.

I could not have foreseen that by the end of the year, my blog would have over 10,000 page views.  I'm astounded.

World. Wide. Web.  Users from over 30 countries have viewed my blog!  I'm humbled.

Most Page Views

Pasta With Broccoli And Chicken, For Sheila

It's only right that the post that started it all is the one that gets the most page views.  And looking at this God-awful blurry picture from my first post makes me realize that maybe my photography has improved........because my most recent pictures are merely awful.  What do you think?


Not surprisingly, the majority of  page views are from the U.S.
I do find it surprising, however.....
that the second-greatest amount of page views come from Russia!

My Personal Favorite Keyword Search

Not surprisingly, the most popular keyword search phrase was "whatsfordinnerfran."  The list includes every phrase used by anyone who stumbled onto this blog through a keyword search.  Some are pretty basic, like "glazed pecans" or "what to cook on a hot summer night."

And then there's "8 month old puppy loves mozzarella sticks."  Huh?  I have no idea what that person was looking for, but they must have been surprised when my post forProsciutto/Mozzarella Asparagus Wraps popped up.  "8 month old puppy loves mozzarella sticks" gets my vote for the best keyword search.  {And yes, I couldn't help myself, I just had to google "8 month old puppy loves mozzarella sticks" for myself.  I was hoping that maybe it would lead me to a fabulous viral video,  It just leads to this li'l ol' blog, and to everyone who stumbles upon this blog, I'm thankful.  :)}

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